Ronald Chavers Foundation



Dance of the snake, the eagle and the horse. NV -huis at Utrecht, 1979

Dance: African Drum, a performance in which Ronald-Black Horse-Chavers danced on an African Drum constructed and shaped by himself out of wood from an African Tree, SSR, Bemuurde Weerd, Utrecht 1980.

Dance of The Gypsy Woman, at the opening of the House for DIES- Community for Development History, “Het Zonnepaard (The Sun-horse)”,Utrecht 1980.

Dance: A Haiku- Happening, a lecture and dance at the Doshysha University at Kyoto and the Haiku Museum at Tokyo, Summer 1981

Dance: The Fire dance. Tour through Poland together with the famous Polish music group OSJAN, with also a TV-performance and Interview in Warszawa, April 1983

Dance: The Baron and The Wild Fire Lady.
Tour through The Netherlands together with the music group OSJAN (Utrecht, University of Nijmegen, Gemeente-Museum The Hague, Tilburg) June 1983

Dance: The Baron and the Wild Fire Lady.
International Musicfestival “Music der Zukunft”, Karlsruhe, West Germany together with the Polish music group OSJAN, November 1984

Dance Improvisation: A performance of Ronald- Black Horse- Chavers together with the Italian
musician Walter Maioli at the Festival “Shamanism and Art”, Amsterdam, July 1985

Dance: The eternal now
The way of the milky way And the deer hunting man.
Hungarian Academy ofSciences and Technical University, Budapest, Hungary, December 1985 (lecture, workshop, dance) Filmed by the Hungarian T.V.


Prof. Dr. R. Chavers and family dancing in Budapest, Hungary
A performance of Ronald-Black Horse-Chavers together with his wife Mayumi Chavers Egawa at the Ethnic Cultural Dance and Dance Theatre 'Lawnview', Urbana, Ohio, October 1986, America
Prof. Dr. R. Chavers dancing Zagreb, Yugoslavia 7-1988

Dance: A performance of Ronald-Black Horse-Chavers together with his wife Mayumi Chavers Egawa at the Ethnic Cultural Dance and Dance Theatre ‘Lawnview’, Urbana, Ohio, October 1986, America:

Black-Dance Improvisations and Impressions, by Ronaid -Black Horse-Chavers Some expressions of a Japanese Woman, by Mayumi Chavers-Egawa

Dance: The Etemal Now, the Way ofthe Milkyway and The Deer Hunting Man.
The Festival of Dance, Trance, Trancendenz, organized by the Frankfurter Ring e.V., Bad Soden, West-Germany, May 1987

Dance: The marriage of the Dragon and the Great Mother
12th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Symposium on Shamanism, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, July 1988

Dance: The Transmigration ofthe Golden Triangle.
A dance production choreographed by Ronald-Black Horse-Chavers, and performed by Ronald-Black Horse-Chavers, bis wife Mayumi Chavers-Egawa and his daughters Keiko and Reika.
At the 2nd International Conference of the International Society for Shamanistic Research (ISSR), Budapest, Hungary, July 1993

Dance: The Revival of the Tree Spirit. A Dance Manifestation
Developed, written and choreographed by dr. Ronald Chavers, performed by Ronaid Chavers and the Maati-Maa Rhytmic Dance Company, Utrecht.
Premiere: Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht 5 November 1995, and filmed by the Dutch Television Co Tros


Lecture, workshop and dance: “Creativity, Mathematical Logics and Cultural Transfonnation”
4th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (W ADP) “The Androgynity of Man, Hochschule der Kunste, West Berlin, March 1986


Choreographical guidance

Chorographical guidance of the performance of Mayumi Chavers-Egawa at the Japanese Cultural Weekend, organized by DIES, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 1986

Chorographical guidance of the workshop “Primal Dance and Work with Expressive Dancing”, 8th European Congress of the European Association of Humanistic Psychology (EAHP): ‘To be: Today and Tomorrow’, University of Zurich, Switzerland, August 1986

Chorographical guidance of the performance of Mayumi Chavers Egawa during the “Holland- Japan Week” in Zeist, The Netherlands, October 1987.

Dance-choreography of the co-production “The Little Samurai” of Circle Ensemble and Maati-Maa Rhytmic- Dance Company of DIES. Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands, November 1987 and the Cultural Centre Purmerend, The Netherlands, November 1987