Ronald Chavers Foundation

Prof Dr R. Hakemulder and Dr. Fay A.C. Hakemulder

A letter of recommendation for the support of the book: The Development of the Afro-Egyptian method and the History of Western Philosophy.

To whom it may concern,

With the highest esteem and consideration I would like to ask your attention for the following  background information in appraisal of Prof dr. R.E. Chavers and his work.

From the Curriculum Vitae and other information about the person and academic status of Prof.
Chavers I would highlight a few points based on personal observation and experience over the last 17 years.

Prof. Chavers is a friendly and high-level scholar who in fact is a bridge between cultures. From his parents he brings the heridital Afro-American and American lndian influences. He combined study and educational experiences in the United States. In his studies one can find his early interest in cross-cultural and inter-religious aspects. At the age of around 30 years he ‘bridged’ the Atlantic Ocean by continuing his studies at the famous Freie Universeit Berlin in Germany. He always tried as much as possible to combine his studies with offering the results of his studies to various individuals and groups of the community. More and more Prof. Chavers included psychotherapy in his field of interest, e.g. by studying in London under guidance of famous scholars such as Drs. Cooper, Esterton and Laing.

It is surprising that Prof Chavers also is a bridge between science and art is shown in a cultural dance performances together with his Japanese wife Mayumi.

The education and training of Prof. Chavers, his action-oriented programs and projects, and his qualities as a person paved the way to be appointed as a professor of symbolic and cultural studies of the Intercultural Open University (IOU), registered in The Netherlands. IOU can be called a ‘multiversity’ because it has departments, affiliations and research institutes in many parts of the world. One point of the IOU philosophy can be summarized in the metaphor: the Global Silk Road, the East- West relations. The idea is to study and make use of the contributions of cultures of the so-called Far East (China and Japan), the East (India and surrounding countries), the Middle East (Arab States and Egypt) and the
West (Europe and Arnerica). In this relation also the contributions of the African cultures are related in the North-South dialogue. (attached: IOU at a qlance)

As an example of the importance of Prof. Chavers scientific publications, would like to mention bis “Energetic Medicine, General Foundations and A Cross-Cultural History of Energetic Methods. This work is of importance for the various IOU Departments for Integrated Medicine in various places in Asia and Europe.

Over the last decade I was in a position to observe his qualities as an educator in counselling a number of students of our university. Students were impressed by his knowledge and experience.
But above all they were pleased by the methodological guidance they received from him in the writing of theses and dissertations. The results of students guided by him were of top quality.

Furthermore, I had the pleasure to read many of his very valuable and scientific high-level publications, books as well as articles. Several of these publications were advised to individual students and also to overseas rou related institutions and affiliations.
Also the manuscript: “The Development of the Afro-Egyptian Method and the History of Western Philosophy” by Prof. Dr. R. E. Chavers” has been read and evaluated by me. I was impressed, reason to ask my wife ‘Dr. Fay’ as she is known at home, but also in Asian and African countries.
As a cultural anthropologist herself, she also had a high opinion of the work. We even have the conviction that this publication has to he part of the recommended publications for various academic subjects IOU is offering

The Chancellor of the IOU, a university trained psychologist and educationist with long time experience in The Netherlands but even longer in overseas countries part of it in service of United Nations Specialized Agencies such as Unesco, Unicef and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and The Vice Chancellor of the IOU, educator and anthropologist with long-time experience in Africa and Asia, was nominated as Assistant Director Culture of Unesco but after ample thoughts preferred to continue her work for IOU, lately appointed as global Ambassador of the International Association of Educators for World Peace .

I would like to summarize as their opinion that in general for many people in the world and in particular for the academic staff and students of any in particular, it would be of great importance that the above mentioned work will he published the soonest possible.

Sincerely yours,

Prof Dr R. Hakemulder, D. Ed., Psy. D, Ph.D.

Dr. Fay A.C. Hakemulder, M/Ed., Ph.D. Anthr