Ronald Chavers Foundation

Dr. Ronald Eugene
"Black Horse" Chavers

The Ronald Chavers Foundation seeks to inspire and foster human impact that promotes the well-being of humanity by sparking ideas and conversations. This Foundation was founded by Ronald’s wife Mayumi Egawa together with their children Reika and Keiko, the three of them form the board of the foundation.

“We started this foundation after he retired from the organization he founded called DIES. The main purpose of our foundation was to have a safe haven for all his works and to be able to keep sharing his works with others. Over the years he was active in multiple disciplines and was often ahead of his time. He collaborated with many people across the globe, but never accepted any form of oppression or colonization.

Until far in his seventies he stayed active sharing his ideology and philosophy. We hope through this foundation his life work will live on long after him passing and will inspire many like it has when he was alive.”


Studies in international trade, economic studies specialized in : Cross-cultural communication, management and international trade on the Henry George School of Social Sciences

1958 – 1960
Corresponded with C.G. Jung on cultural symbolism, archetypes, creative transformation and psychosynthesis.

Seminar with Prof. Basil Davidson in London on the Afro-Egyptian influence on the western and oriental civilizations.

Lecture held: Principles Congress of the William James Foundation titled: ‘Contemporary Approaches to Subjectivity’.

Publications & Works

Ronald has done a lot of field work and literature research which he uses exemplary in his work, by using a lot of pictures, citations and graphic models. He doesn’t present his work with an explanation, but he shows documentation and gives tools in order for others to make their own study and understand for themselves. Use the information on this site for your own study, whatever that may be, to understand or develop yourself.



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